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My hand was shaking…

This was it. This was the last one after signing God knows how many sheets of paper.

The final signature that’d make me the owner of a $1 million apartment. (Also the start of a 25-year monthly $3,817 mortgage.)

I turned and looked at my wife-to-be in the eyes.

Quincy has already finished all her signatures.

Raising her eyebrows, she shot me a concerned “what’s wrong” expression.

I felt my chest tighten as I flipped through the pages, pretending to read the countless terms and conditions.

“Is everything okay?” My property agent asked.

“Well done. Come, I clap for you. Of course, you’d see through my guise of trying to delay the deal. You wouldn’t want your big fat commission slipping out of your pocket.”

That’d be my thought bubble if this were a comic strip.

Half of me was in heaven and the other half in hell.

I was torn.

This was our dream and I was excited to own a place I could finally call home.

And then there was the money matter, slowly eating away my soul.

I put the pen on the final dotted line with no other option at this crucial moment.

The pen felt extra heavy as I scribbled my name.

I stared at my signature for a while, almost couldn’t recognize it with the odd tail stroke.

Then, I felt a gentle squeeze on my thigh, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I glanced to my right and saw Quincy, who was encouraging me with her bright, comforting eyes.

I forced a smile while trying to calm my racing heart.

I got it.

She was trying to assure me that everything would be okay.

I smiled at Quincy and shook off my anxious, fearful thoughts.

All of a sudden, I felt sorry for myself.

She was trying to make me stay positive, and the funny thing was, I should be!

At the start of the year, I landed a new job that tripled my income.

Yes, we could afford this new condominium if you take a calculator and punch in the numbers.

So, what was my worry?

Rather, I should rephrase my question…

What was there not to worry?

Everything seems to be in order on the outside.

But dig a little deeper, you’d see that our bank balance was in a mess.

The $200,000 downpayment wiped clean our savings, plus the monthly mortgage loan took a chunk of our paychecks.

“What if either one of us is axed from our jobs? What if there was a pandemic? What if one of us falls sick? What if there is a recession?”

All these negative thoughts started floating into my mind.

Quincy used to assure me that I was worrying too much.

But I’d brush her off saying I was worried about money now so that we did not have to worry about it in the future.

That was just a lousy excuse because I had an insecurity with money.

Money made me anxious.

I used to have the idea that money was the solution to my problems.

But yet, the same worries and insecurities appeared when I 3X my income. It seemed that along with more money, I also manifested more worries.

The insecurity did not go away.

“Well, it’d go away if you had a million dollars in your account.”

If that is what you’re thinking, then do you know millionaires worry about money too?

In a New York Times post, money psychologist Olivia Mellan hits the nail on why the rich may be anxious too.

“The psychology of wealth is knotty. On the surface, being wealthy can make people believe they have more control over their lives, but it can also control them emotionally.”


The truth is we don’t own money. Money owns us.

Money in the Common World

Money in the common world is seen as a need to feel safe and secure. This explains why a lack of money is associated with bad things happening.

Take a look at the 4 common methods of making more money.

  • Work more.
  • Save more.
  • Invest your money.
  • Start a business.

Do these methods still work in today’s context?

They do, just that they are proving harder to work as they are prone to worldly circumstances.

Take a look at the great recession in 2007 that wiped out billions of dollars of investments worldwide.

The Covid-19 pandemic driving the global economy to lose trillions of dollars and millions of people to lose their jobs.

And not to mention Crypto and AI starting to take over.

Starting to feel fearful already?

Here’s what happens when fear takes over:

You will always find that money is hard to earn but easy to lose.

You need to realize that the REAL issue isn’t money and “more” is not the answer.

You need something different.

A massive internal quantum shift of how you see yourself, and more importantly, how you see money.

The keyword here is “internal”.

There is a better method to make more money and it doesn’t depend on how hard you work, the place you’re born in, luck, and your circumstances.

Prosperity in the Abundant World

First, we need to establish that prosperity doesn’t happen to you but through you.

An apple tree doesn’t get affected by the dying tree on its left or the barren tree on its right.

It will continue to blossom and bear fruits as long as the conditions are right.

And you are supposed to be like that.

If you think that money is hard to come by. That the external world is one big contaminated place.

In which those who are undeserving are rich. And you who are deserving still struggle to make more money…

It is ALL due to one thing.

All these times you have been looking in the WRONG direction.

Let’s dig deeper.

We have been trained to take action to solve our money woes since young.

Need more money? Take up additional jobs.

Another higher-paying job offer? Take it despite feeling uneasy.

Thinking about pursuing your dreams? Shelf it aside because it cannot put food on the table.

We let money dictate our decisions because we operate in an outer-directed mode.

The continuing search for solutions “externally” results in us finding solution after solution.

Even as we achieve all our financial goals, we start worrying about securing and not losing our wealth.

We want to do more things to make and protect our money.

We hustle to make more money to “secure” our future.

We are so concerned with solving our monetary issues and problems that we rarely look inward.

Think about the following for a moment…

What if the answers to prosperity are not found out there? What if the answers to unlimited riches are found within you? What if money and prosperity is an inside job?

Take a look at Richard Dotts’ discovery about abundance in his book “Dollars Flow To Me Easily.”

All of the Universe is always equally present at all times for you.

There is no need to “force” energy to flow, it just is. You are immersed in the Universal field whether you know it or not.

Trying to “force” your Universal good is like standing in a beautiful field of marigolds and then “forcing” the flowers to come to you.

That’s absurd because the flowers are already here and in full bloom all around you!

You just need to open your eyes to see them.

Now, let’s experience what Richard Dotts is trying to show us:

[Imagine the following…]

You are taking out a lotto ticket from your wallet.

Your heart starts pounding with anticipation as you match the numbers on your ticket with the winning numbers.

The first number is a match. Second and third are matching numbers. The fourth matches exactly.


The fifth and final number is a match too

You couldn’t believe your eyes.

Matching the numbers over and over again confirms you’ve won the first prize.

Congratulations, you are a millionaire!

How are you feeling now?

Are you experiencing a rush of excitement, happiness, freedom, and abundance?

Do you wish to call someone right away to convey the good news?

But nothing has changed so far.

You don’t have the money.

You were exactly the same two minutes ago.

The ticket was the same ticket two minutes ago.

Yet, now your life is full of hope.

What just happened?

You’re accessing all these positive feelings that have been present all along.

Except they are dormant.

Only now you’ve given yourself permission to access these emotions because of an external stimulus.

Truth is, these feelings of abundance, excitement, and joy have been there since you were born.

What if…

You discover the winning ticket is actually a ticket you bought last week. It is for last week’s lottery.

Poof ~

All the feelings of abundance disappear in an instant.

Suddenly you are sad.

What I mean is that you can allow yourself to experience positive emotions by changing what you PERCEIVE from your situation.

No, I’m not asking you to pretend you win the lotto every time you want to feel abundant.

Rather, it is to believe how abundant you already are.

Turning inward cancels the negative emotions associated with money.

When you realize money is not a sign but a result of your abundance, it’ll start flowing to you endlessly.

The best part is…

Once you give up something you were so needful for in the past…

You no longer react to this oversupply as greed, lust, or hunger.

Instead, you receive it with grace and thankfulness.

This changes everything.

If you love this way of abundance, you’ll love The Abundance Club.

The Abundance Club

The Abundance Club (TAC) was created to clarify many of the “typical ideas” you’ve heard about abundance – getting rich, attracting money, and all that.

It is the groundwork for exposing the “money is everything” society and countering the typical ideas of growing wealth.

The goal of TAC is to help you discover, learn, and grow your natural ability to manifest abundance.

In short, you’ll realize you are always in a positive state of abundance no matter your circumstances.

It is from this realization that your actions will start manifesting riches regardless of your job, business, investments, and other money-making activities.

When you join TAC, you’ll receive my hand-crafted abundance emails delivered to your inbox.

Plus, you’ll receive member-exclusive offers not open to the public. (Like a shocking discount on my flagship abundance program).

Here’s a word of advice before joining TAC.

You must be ready to throw aside years of negative money conditioning. And be prepared to create a new money story of unearned abundance.

The next step is for you to embark.

Enter your best email address below to join The Abundance Club:

– OGttm (Yes, call me OGttm. I’ll share more of my story in TAC.)

P.S. Here’s one last takeaway for today.

The goal of life is NOT about making a lot of money.

I want to borrow some words from Derek Rydall’s The Abundance Project, which are the words that molded the framework for TAC:

It’s about becoming so connected to the source of real substance and supply that you never have to worry about having enough.

Imagine a world in which you’re not dependent on anyone or anything outside of you.

But instead, you are a source of unlimited support, supply, and security—more than enough to meet your own needs, and the needs of your family and community.

You have no more fear, judgment, or resistance around having all the abundance you want.

And not just making a living doing what you love but living a life that reflects your deepest values and highest aspirations.

This is not only possible, it’s already been given to you.

Once you detach yourself from the outer symbols of abundance and start looking inside and nurturing your seeds of abundance…

You’ll start unleashing your greatest good, smash your money shackles, and attract abundance in ways you cannot imagine.

More importantly, you’ll start showing up authentically.

You’ll become the person you were created to be, supplying gifts you were born with and fulfilling the higher purpose life has for you.

I’ll see you inside TAC.