Can You Handle The Truth About Abundance?

“Yesterday was the hottest day recorded in November. Temperatures soared to 34.9°C (95°F) making it the one of the warmest day of the year…”

The news in the background caught my attention while I was in the midst of a roasted smashed potatoes YouTube cooking video. (Check out Chef John’s recipe here. The potatoes are frickin’ drools.)

I digress…

“I’m pretty sure today is hotter than yesterday.”

I thought to myself.

My fans in the living room were switched on at full speed.

I checked the kitchen pantry and realized I was missing Cayenne pepper and rosemary.

This meant a 15 mins journey by foot to the nearest supermarket in the scorching humid weather.

“Great… I’m going to need ice cream when I’m back.”

I felt like I ran a marathon in the Sahara desert in tights as I walked in the crazy heat.

I couldn’t wait to arrive at the supermarket and as soon as I stepped into the market, I received the “best welcome” ever.

A gush of cold soothing breeze envelops my body, cooling the heat in my bones. The exhilaration made me feel like I was in winter wonderland for a moment.

Air conditioning is magic.

Welcome to one of the hot humid days of Mike’s life.

Now, why am I telling you this kinda boring story?

You have been under the heat long enough…

The heat of the bad economy, recessions, financial downturns, companies shutting down, retrenchment…

The heat of trying to get enough money to erase your debts, working in the job you don’t like, saving every penny while trying to get the best deals on Black Fridays, etc…

The heat of always thinking about how good would it be if you can have a million dollars in your bank. was created to let you in on the truth about riches.

It’s time to return yourself to abundance.


…Generating riches is not the method you use, how hard you work, your connections, talents, or your job.

The thing is…

You are already rich, to begin with.

The REAL source of abundance has already made you rich.

“I have bills to pay, Mike.”

Yes, I understand this is a huge statement to make as we live in a realistic world where money doesn’t fall from the sky.

But, when you truly understand the natural flow of money, the source, and the meaning of abundance, and the identity of who you are, you’ll stop questioning and start claiming this rich life of yours.

Take a look around you.

You are surrounded by abundance.

The air you breathe, the water you drink, warm sunlight, beautiful stars, the intelligence that sparks new inventions, music that makes you dance, etc.

Limitless abundance surrounds us, and yet we’re more concerned with scarcity.

“The economy is bad this year.”

“Houses are getting too expensive.”

“The small pay increment is not enough.”

“The government is not helping us.”

We are no longer conquerors, but worriers who are stuck in a cycle of victimization to uncontrollable external events (COVID-19 included).

All it does is to feed our money paralysis syndrome making us think that we’re constantly in lack.

Yet, the truth is that there is a source of infinite abundance and it is conspiring to help us prosper now…

…and it’s up to you to receive it.

What About The Cosmic ATM?

In the movie Elysium, there is a special medical bed called the Med-Bay which has a special function that heals all sicknesses.

These machines are located in Elysium, a gigantic space habitat where the richest and most powerful people live.

And all they need to do is to lie on the Med-Bay and it will start scanning for illnesses and automatically heal any ailments it finds.

Think of the Cosmic ATM as the Med-Bay for wealth.

A symbol of infinite abundance.

We are all connected to the Cosmic ATM.

Imagine tapping into the Cosmic ATM, where you have an unlimited supply of money locked up inside…

And all that’s stopping you from withdrawing from this infinite source of abundance is the password.

Hmmm, so what is this password?

*Cue the drumroll*

The password is KNOWING your position of abundance in this Universe.

Yup, it’s that simple.

“Only if it is that easy, everybody will be rich.”

Let me share a quick story.

Tomas Martinez is a 67 year-old homeless man living in the streets of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

One day, he saw police walking towards him and he fled the scene thinking they were arresting him for taking drugs.

Guess what…

The police were not there to arrest him.

They were there to inform him of his $6 million dollar inheritance from his ex-wife!

Tomas was never found.

I wonder how will he react when he discover the truth.

Now, here’s my question for you.

Are you another Tomas Martinez when it comes to understanding the truth about abundance?

Is it “Nah…that’s too good to be true.”

Or is it “Wow. I want to know more about abundance!”

When you understand what you’re really made of, and 100% believe in the real nature, source, and substance of abundance…

…you’ll no longer question whether this is possible because you’ll be too busy living it!

If you want to discover more about how you can connect to the Cosmic ATM, click here.

May abundance be with you.

– Mike Chen